The new Gentlemen Bishop Mtl Rta, is a 22mm Atomizer and has a capacity of 2ml with one Tank and 4ml with the other (you can choose), with a tank suitable for any Box Mod for a cheek vape. Particularly suitable for tobacco liquids and, if desired, also creamy liquids on which it will have an excellent yield of the aroma. Thanks to the 4 Air Pin included in the package you can choke the air flow to the Coil to customize your Vaping experience. The Bishop can be mounted on almost all the boxes available on the market (diameter 22mm).

Product background

Bishop was created to give the user the most pleasant user experience possible. To achieve this goal, three objectives have been set: a soft and very silent shot, a simple regeneration and an aromatic yield as versatile as possible.

The regeneration deck

The innovative shapes and features of the deck guide the user in the regeneration leaving no room for error. The "slides" for the cotton also act as a seat for the coil jig, helping at the same time to give the right shape to the cotton which will then be positioned correctly, ensuring optimal air supply and circulation. Two wells obtained in the deck act as a condensate collection to avoid contaminating the cotton and, being positioned directly under the air inlets, create a depression that increases the vortexes of air around the coil.


The project specifications provided for obtaining a high turbulence inside the chamber, to maximize the aromatic yield, while maintaining a laminar flow at the inlet and outlet. This goal was achieved through two opposing air ducts that flow into a room with large walls but with a low ceiling to obtain a high production of steam while maintaining low operating temperatures. The set of air pins provided guarantees a high level of customization of the shot, allowing each vaper to obtain the most congenial vaping experience.

Use and maintenance

The upper part of the atomizer joins the deck thanks to orings and a hex key. This allows instant access to the deck at any time while the tank's drip system ensures the absence of liquid leaks when the two parts are separated. The filling of the liquid is made very fast and comfortable thanks to a large open area around the chimney that allows operation with any type of container.

Bishop MTL RTA - Silver - 4ml - The Vaping Gentleman Club

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