• Breeze - Blendfeel

Breeze - Blendfeel  

The galleon lands in the icy North, between the frozen seas and the darker waters of the hemisphere. The hold is loaded with fine American tobaccos, a soft Virginia, a generous black Burley and an enveloping Connecticut Fronto, well prepared to confront a freshness that has its strength in extreme balance.

12 ml amber glass bottle, Child Proof closure cap white color.

Quantity of concentrated aroma present in the bottle 10 ml.


The concentrated aromas of the Tobacco Flavor line are products intended for dilution. In the case of use for vaporizable mixtures they can be diluted with concentrations from 5% to 15% according to taste. For better durability of the resistances, especially when using pre-assembled resistances, it is advisable to use carriers containing a minimum of water and greater dilutions.

Since they are flavoring chemicals, they are to be used only for permitted uses.

Breeze - Blendfeel

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