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The Stylus Mech Mod is the new 18 mm mechanical tube created by The Vaping Gentlemen Club as a natural continuation of Project '900.
This very small mechanical tube is the first 18 mm tube in the world to house 16mm diameter batteries (16500 and 16650) which are much more efficient than the 14 mm batteries normally used on tubes of this size. This was possible thanks to an extraordinary turning job that allowed us to reduce the pipe walls to just 0.57 mm. Extremely thin and very light but made of Steel 304.
Stylus already includes both the tube for the 16500 and the tube for the 16650, so you can choose whether to favor a smaller footprint or a longer battery life.
Stylus allows those who have the 1900s and the Barrel Kit to create an all-in-one ecig with very small dimensions, lower than many entry level kits, but with the performance and versatility to which the 1900s have accustomed us.
Stylus has an aesthetic ring and a button embellished with African Buffalo Horn inserts, which make it a little gem and allow you to make pendant with the drip tip 21 of your 1900s. Key and ring will come in the future products (and will be available separately) also in other materials (Ultem, Pearly Black Methacrylate, Olive and Black Ebony from Gabon).

Stylus is inserted in an elegant wooden box with Alcantara interiors and each piece has a different serial number.


Stylus is intended for use by expert vapers and operated with the following safety operating procedures: 

- Only use well maintained and efficient batteries

- NEVER use batteries with a worn sleeve.

- Always insert batteries with positive pole upward

- Only use atomizers with a sufficiently protruding positive pin

- Always test the atomizer and its coil on a electronic devices first in order to check for absence of short circuits.

- Never use resistances lower than 0,8 ohms in order to avoid batteries over stress.

- In case of overheating place Stylus far away from people and flammable items. Once safe environment is regained get rid of the battery and get a new one.

- Never leave Stylus unattended with battery inserted.

Buying Stylus you accept and declare you will follow previous instructions and have the experience required for its use assuming responsibility for any improper use.


  • 179.00CHF

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