Terms & Conditions

Last updated May 11, 2021

General Terms and Conditions

1. General points
1.1. The online store www.piqid.ch is owned by Piqid Sagl, Via Zandone 5, 6616 Losone.
1.2. The general terms and conditions (hereinafter CGC) govern in their entirety the contractual provisions and services between Piqid Sagl and its customers.
1.3. All correspondence will be handled through the Piqid Sagl customer center, Via Zandone 5, 6616 Losone (091 604 56 03) or at the e-mail address info@piqid.ch.

2. Offer and conclusion of the contract
2.1. The offer on the online store www.piqid.ch is aimed at customers over the age of 18 with residence in Switzerland or abroad. The offers of Piqid Sagl are without obligation and non-binding.
2.2. The customer receives a confirmation of receipt of the order without binding effect. An order is considered to have been placed only upon confirmation of receipt of payment.
2.3. An order for goods and / or the display of information on certain products are basically possible only if the customer registers and only with a customer account on www.piqid.ch. Regardless of an order, the customer must indicate his username (e-mail), name and surname, home address registered with the authorities and a valid telephone number. To purchase via an individual customer account, a password must also be set.

3. Order and delivery
3.1. Orders are accepted through the website www.piqid.ch. If an item is not available after the confirmation of receipt of the order, the corresponding order will be canceled. The customer cannot claim further rights.
3.2. The delivery terms indicated in the offer or in the order confirmation are provided for information only. They are not binding. If a delivery deadline cannot be met, the customer can withdraw from the order 30 days after confirming the order.
3.3. Piqid Sagl is authorized to make partial deliveries and collections. If it is not possible to deliver part of the ordered goods, there is no right to cancel the entire order. The customer cannot claim further rights.
3.4. Transportation and delivery is carried out at the expense and risk of the customer. As a rule, delivery takes place only at the curb / PO box of the customer.
3.5. The customer undertakes to immediately check that the goods received are correct, complete and intact. Any damage to the goods received must be reported to the transport company as soon as possible, at most 3 working days from delivery. In the event of a complaint, the customer must hand over all parts of the original packaging. The customer may delete these parts only with the written consent of the transport company or Piqid Sagl.
3.6. Shipments are made within 3 working days of receipt of payment.

4. Prices

4.1. Piqid Sagl is authorized to change the price at any time. The price published at the time of ordering applies. Price changes made after confirmation are not taken into account.
4.2. Value added tax (VAT) is included in all prices published on the online store www.piqid.ch. These are recorded in Swiss francs. The ancillary costs (delivery costs) are shown separately when ordering and added to the invoice. Any technical changes, mistakes and printing errors remain reserved.

5. Payment and retention of title

5.1. The means of payment indicated on the website www.piqid.ch are accepted. Piqid Sagl may exclude certain means of payment in general or for individual customers without specifying the reason. Piqid Sagl has the right to apply surcharges for the use of individual payment methods. Piqid Sagl reserves the right to ascertain the creditworthiness of the customer and for this purpose may transmit data relating to the customer to third parties.
5.2. When purchasing with a debit card and credit card, the charge is made at the time of ordering. The data for a payment by credit and debit card are encrypted and transmitted. By purchasing with prepayment, the desired goods are delivered or the execution of the order is started as soon as the relevant payment is received. The time lapse between booking and payment is not binding upon booking the desired items. In case of low availability of goods, the goods that were in stock up to the moment of the execution of the order may no longer be ready for delivery. If Piqid Sagl does not receive the payment within 3 days, it can cancel the order.
5.3. The products of Piqid Sagl remain the property of Piqid Sagl until Piqid Sagl has received payment for the entire purchase amount (including all supplements).

6. Returns, warranties and repairs

6.1. Conditions of returns and exchanges
The customer has no right of return or replacement. For some items the return is foreseen as long as the conditions are respected. Replacement is excluded. The return of an item is only possible within two weeks (14 calendar days) after receipt of the goods. The delivery or collection date is decisive.
The return can be requested via the customer service see article 1.3.
The customer delivers or sends the defective product, at his own expense and risk, to the place designated by the customer service.
6.2. Guarantee
Piqid Sagl gives the customer a guarantee on the products purchased. In the event of a legal guarantee (ie in the event of defects that occur or are already present before or after the delivery of the product or goods to the customer), the customer has the right to have the defect eliminated, replaced or "compensated". The decision as to the type of service due for the removal of the defect rests with Piqid Sagl or the manufacturer. If Piqid Sagl or the manufacturer decide to cancel the contract, the refund to the customer will be adjusted to the current market value of the defective appliance. For the duration of the repair of the defect, there is no right to a free spare device.

The following are excluded from the guarantee:
• Damage from natural events;
• Damage from humidity;
• Damage from bumps or falls;
• Damage due to use;
• Handling errors;
• Electronic components according to DOA;
• Damage caused by third parties;
• Interventions or modifications to the device;
• Wear parts: batteries, batteries and packaging;

In all these cases the legal guarantee is completely excluded

6.3. Warranty period and manufacturer's warranty
The warranty period is 6 months for new devices and is valid from the time of delivery or collection of the product. In case of repair or replacement of the product, the initial warranty period will not be extended. The sales receipt is valid as a guarantee certificate and must be kept with care.
6.4. Procedure in the event of a defect
In the event of a defect, where there are no reasons for exclusion from the guarantee, the customer will contact customer service directly. The request for reimbursement of repair costs by third parties is excluded. The customer delivers or sends the defective product, at his own expense and risk, to the place designated by the customer service. Products must be delivered or sent with all accessories in their original packaging with the addition of the sales / delivery receipt. If the original packaging is missing, the product must be packed in a safe and transportable way. In the event that a delivered or sent product is not covered by the warranty (reasons for exclusion or outside the warranty period), a repair estimate is automatically calculated. This can be charged to the customer. In case of product repair, the cost of the quote will not be charged to the customer. If the customer does not respond to the quote within the specified time, the product will be eliminated. Returned products that do not have defects, which have been sent to a wrong address, or whose return has not been agreed and / or whose packaging is defective or accessories are missing, can be returned to the customer. In these cases, Piqid Sagl has the right to seek compensation for the expenses incurred.

7. Liability

Claims for damages due to inability to perform the service, breach of contract and unlawful action are excluded, except in the case of willful conduct or gross negligence. Liability for consequential damage resulting from use is excluded.

8. Data protection

When registering as a guest, creating an individual customer account and / or using our website www.piqid.ch without registration, the user accepts the privacy policy.
By registering on www.piqid.ch you can create a customer profile, using data relating to purchases and access data. Customer account data can be merged with data from other sources and supplemented with data from address providers. The collected customer data can be used mainly for marketing and advertising purposes and for the creation of statistics (e.g. market research).

9. Jurisdiction, applicable law

These general terms and conditions can be changed at any time. Swiss law applies exclusively. The place of jurisdiction is that of Locarno.
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